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EagleView Measurements Speed Up the Bidding Process

No matter if you are working on a residential or commercial project, EagleView is a useful tool to create fast and accurate bids.

How EagleView Measurements Are Computed

EagleView has an extensive aerial imagery database and proprietary measurement technology. Built with a powerful engine, this platform can process thousands of reports a day.

By accessing its aerial photography, EagleView measurement reports provide 3D models of residential and commercial properties. Also, the program provides accurate measurements of a select property’s exterior surface. Additionally, for multi-family homes and large commercial structures, EagleView also includes penetration measurements.


The Roofers Mart experts will help you locate the property by its address in the system. Once the property is located, you can view it from multiple directions. Finally, the property can be analyzed, inspected, and measured by using the tools built into the program.

The Benefits You Will Realize

As a professional contractor, you know the importance of saving time and ordering precisely. With the help of EagleView’s accurate roof measurements, you will no longer have to travel to the job site, climb on the roof, and do hand measurements. Instead, Eagleview measurements give you the information to:

  • Generate a quote in seconds
  • Set pricing per square inch based on low-end to high-end estimates
  • Customize labor costs based on roof type
  • Set your expected waste factor
  • Add other costs for removal, vents, skylights, and more

This translates to time savings, greater safety, improved bidding and purchasing, and more precise pricing for you and your client.

Furthermore, EagleView measurements are guaranteed accurate to give you peace of mind.

Do You Need An EagleView Account?

If you are interested in setting up your own EagleView account or if you have questions, please email Tina or contact her at 314-373-6021. When you set up an EagleView account through us, you can take advantage of additional cost-saving benefits.

Request an EagleView Report of a Specific Address

To request an EagleView report of a specific address, fill out the form and we will be in touch.