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Roofers Mart’s PartnerView Portal Gives You Control

PartnerView is Roofers Marts’ accounting software, and it lets us give current customers access to their accounts. By using this system, you have 24/7/365 convenient access to orders and invoice information.

When you are trying to run your business and keep on top of projects, having this kind of access can save you time faxing, emailing, and calling with questions.

Viewing & Paying Orders in PartnerView

Once you have access to your PartnerView portal, you can view and print your open invoices and credit memos. Additionally, you can pay an invoice through your checking or savings account. Currently, no credit card payments can be made through PartnerView.


After you make a payment, PartnerView will send you a confirmation to the email address you provide. It will confirm the amount of your payment and the invoice you have paid.

Is it Secure?

Although security risks exist online, electronic bill pay is more secure than sending your personal information through the mail. PartnerView uses several methods to keep your data safe. A few of these include: unique usernames and passwords, security layers help prevent attacks, encryption to keep your account and confidential data hidden, and automatic sign off if your online session is idle for too long.

How Do I Sign Up for PartnerView?

Getting started is simple and takes just a few minutes. First, download and complete this form, then email it to You can also fax it to 314-968-0135 or mail it to:

Roofers Mart
P.O. Box 191400
St. Louis, MO 63119

Once we have received your request, our Accounting team will verify your status as a Roofers Mart customer, set up your online access with permissions, and notify you that the portal is ready. It takes about three days to confirm your banking and routing information.

Existing PartnerView users can use the below link to access your PartnerView Portal and pay your bill.